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Turning the world’s biggest entertainment brands into unforgettable live experiences

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We are passionate storytellers who breathe life into the world’s biggest entertainment brands through extraordinary experiences. 

From epic fantasy realms and futuristic worlds to era defining stories, our ground-breaking approach to storytelling shatters the confines of traditional live entertainment - blurring the lines between fiction and reality to create the experiences that truly puts our audiences at the centre of the story. 

With a portfolio of award-winning productions including Peaky Blinders: The Rise, Doctor Who: Time Fracture and the UK’s longest running immersive show, The Great Gatsby, and a development pipeline of more than 15 further world-class titles on the way, we’re redefining the immersive experience, transforming spectators from passive viewers into active participants.

Immersive Everywhere is the result of a powerful collaboration between two renowned live events and entertainment companies, Hartshorn Hook Enterprises and Showtime Theatre Productions. Together, our founding companies have produced countless festivals, live music, and theatrical events.

Immersive Everywhere is part of The Everywhere Group and sister company to Experiences Everywhere.

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Peaky Blinders: The Rise

It’s 1921, London. Crime boss Tommy Shelby personally invites you to his family’s Camden warehouse to share an expansion plan that could prove lucrative for everyone…

Step back in time and into the world of TV’s most notorious gangsters for a fun packed evening of high-stakes drama, live music and endless possibilities.

Peaky Blinders: The Rise was produced in association with Caryn Mandabach Productions and TV series creator, Steven Knight.

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The Great Gatsby

You are invited to one of Jay Gatsby's infamous parties.

And as invites go, this is the hottest ticket in town. A world of red-hot rhythms, bootleg liquor, and pure jazz age self-indulgence awaits.

Spend the evening dancing and clinking glasses with Nick Carraway, Daisy and Tom Buchanan, Myrtle Wilson, and Jay Gatsby himself. As the champagne flows, all the drama unfolds.

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Doctor Who: Time Fracture

The Doctor needs you! The Universe as we know it is at stake – now is the time to step up and be the hero. For decades, in a quiet corner of Mayfair, London, a dangerous rift in time and space has been monitored by a group of loyal members of the long-thought-disbanded Unified Intelligence Taskforce – or UNIT for short.

With 40 live actors and 17 different worlds to explore, take an epic journey across space and time, travel to exciting new (and old) places, confront menacing monsters and encounter ancient aliens – all while you battle to save all of existence!

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The Choir of Man

Welcome to THE CHOIR OF MAN, the best pub in the world... Come ready to drink in the excitement!

Brimming with hits from artists such as Queen, Luther Vandross, Sia, Paul Simon, Adele, Guns & Roses, Avicii and Katy Perry to name but a few, this is a pub like no other!

An uplifting celebration of community and friendship with something for everyone - including free beer! Enjoy 90 minutes of feel-good, foot-stomping entertainment unlike anything else in the West End.

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This show is so immersive you forget you are watching a show and feel you are part of the Gatsby party. You become invested in the story!
- Bobbo (NY City Reviews)

Simply amazing! The best thing I’ve seen in years. I could watch this talented group of performers on a weekly basis! A must see!
- Graham (Tripadvisor)

Going to this show was one of the best days of my life. It felt like you were really in the show. Best show I've ever seen by a mile!
- Luci (Tripadvisor)

This was the most amazing experience! Seriously felt like being in Doctor Who episode. Everything was fantastic!
- Rich (Facebook)

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